Why should I mention running betting?

Today the sports betting industry is growing enormously, especially the running field. Actually, what do you know about the last one? Not so many words can be said by inexperienced gamesters and, moreover, an ordinary fan. However, to be successful in every occupation, it’s crucial to know all the basics, that’s why we will try to help you to puzzle out the meaning of the sport and the general aspects of the betting market in this article. Let’s get it started!

Running as a sporting field

First of all, we have to consider that running itself is not a separate discipline, it’s just an integral part (though a very significant one) of the whole sports direction – athletics.
Indeed, running is one of the oldest sports for which official rules have been established and has been set for the course of the first Olympic Games (it was applied to sprint competitions at the beginning). This way the athletes’ endurance speed reaction and tactical thinking were put on trial.
Nowadays running events have become deeply integrated into the other athletics disciplines (for instance, combined ones, like decathlon) as separate stages (relay races, other multi-sport events). Thus there is no wonder why it’s popular in betting.

What are the main running disciplines?

Not to say too much, here are the main kinds of such events, you can consider while betting:

  • sprint;
  • middle and long distance races (with or without hurdles included);
  • relay;
  • road races (separately).

Also we can figure out:

  • winter stages (from 50 m to 300 m.);
  • summer stages (from 100 m to 400 m.).

For successful betting they are highly important to pay attention to, because every tiny detail, such as surface, weather conditions, seasonal preparation, etc can affect the athlete’s performance, thus the final result.

How is sprint represented in a running betting field?

Sprint is a combination of sports disciplines in which participants compete over short distances in the stadium with a huge emphasis on running.
As a rule, sprinting distances range from 30 to 600 meters. The Olympic program includes a 100, 200, and 400-meter sprint for men and women.
As a bettor you must acknowledge that sprint races are quite difficult to predict, so you have low chances of winning without being proficient here. However, as it’s not stable and easy to predict, bookmakers usually offer high odds on sprint competitions, so if you may be called an experienced bettor or have already dug into the area – the success may be achieved with huge benefit.

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What may be added about running relays?
Relay is a clear running, involving team performance. The task is to pass a relay stick to a team’s member as fast as possible in order to finish first. The competitions are always included in general world tournaments, as well as into the Olympic Games’ program (both for men and women).
They are held in the summer and winter stages. The commonly applied set up includes 4 x 100 m and 4 x 400 m relays.
Is it appropriate for betting? For sure, but more efforts are needed to gain, because you have to examine the performance of each athlete and team step by step.

Then what about middle and long distance races?

Middle distance running is a combination of athletic and running disciplines that covers distances longer than sprint ones, but shorter than long ones. In general, middle distances are 600m, 800m, 1000m, 1500m, mile, 2000m, 3000m, and 3000m (hurdles may be included or not). The most prestigious Olympic-type distances are the 800m, 1500m and 3000m with hurdles.
Long distance running is a set of athletic disciplines that include distances from 3000 m to 30000 m. and one hour races. The most prestigious Olympic-type distances are 5000 meters and 10000 meters.
In betting, the events are basic and very suitable to get profit. The main thing is to choose the favorite, having studied all of his or her ups and downs, and to examine the particularities of the race (rules, location, etc) and all done and dusted.

Are road races good for running betting?

Firstly, such events may be divided into:

  • 20 km competitions;
  • 30 km competitions;
  • half marathon;
  • marathon;
  • one day running.

In the scope of betting, we are highly interested in marathon, which is a sport discipline, being a race over a long distance. The largest and most famous events take place on the street, but cross-country events and extreme marathons are also known.
The road marathon has been an Olympic athletics event almost from the beginning.

Marathons differ in:

  • non-commercial;
    They are represented in the Summer Olympic Games program and other world or European championships; as well as national and other tours.
  • commercial;
    These marathons are held in many of the world’s major cities,
    especially the world’s leading marathons (the five largest marathons). The aim is to solve some social problems.
  • extreme;
    They are set in exotic places, like the North Pole, the desert, etc. There are also marathons where the sport is of secondary importance, but for charitable or advertising purposes.

In contrast to the other disciplines, it is not uncommon for the best marathon runners to fail in the Olympic Games and major non-commercial events. There are several reasons for this.
World-class runners don’t run marathons more than two or three times a year. Consequently, they select only certain events, and the calendar of non-commercial events doesn’t often suit them. For example, the Summer Olympics and the World Championships are usually held in August. Therefore, athletes have to change the training calendar and the whole preparation model. Another issue is the high summer temperatures, which do not allow marathon runners to perform at their best.
So if you are ready for betting, mind these aspects. Since commercial competitions are held in autumn, it’s better to bet on runners participating. Also this running field is forecastable enough, so there is no need to doubt before betting.

To sum up: why is running betting beneficial?

The big range of disciplines let bettors to be free in selecting and, of course, to try their hands into several cases at once.
Besides, lucrative odds offered by bookmakers and the presence of a heap of analyzing data will surely help you to gain.